Taïla's natural skincare products represent the combination of natural technology and craftsmanship. Raw natural ingredients are carefully selected and their power is extracted using the knowledge of ayurvedic doctors. Taïla is cruelty-free and the ingredients are sustainably sourced. The packaging is eco-friendly. 

 Taïla was founded by Shadoh. The power that nature held always inspired curiosity in her. Her father, a botanist, fostered this ever-growing hunger to discover the healing properties of each botanical embedded in the ancient medicine of Ayurveda. He would uncover the secret of each leaf, each tree, and each flower on their afternoon walks in India. 

Shadoh experienced first hand the harm that beauty products filled with artificial chemicals can cause. Facing a myriad of skin troubles, she turned to what she had grown up with and rediscovered the healing wonders of Ayurveda. 

Taïla is based on Ayurveda. Long before there were test tubes and labs, those engrossed in the science of Ayurveda took the time to use intuition and experience to distinguish the qualities of nature. And now research proves that this knowledge from thousands of years ago ring true. 


natural non-toxic clean grean beauty using Ayurveda