What is Umoja?

Our Mission

Umoja (oo-moja) means unity and oneness. We believe in Umoja through connecting with global communities and individuals, meeting passionate founders, and curating the best of plant-based natural, cruelty free-skincare and wellness products while never sacrificing quality.

Discovery & Practice

Umoja was created from a love for purity and sharing plant wellness from around the world. Each of our founders has had a profound experience with the power of plants. Shivam while traveling through South East Asia learned about herbs and their uses directly from the locals. Andrew through his journey at culinary school gained an understanding of the combination of plants and herbs to produce wellness and flavorful living. Vita grew up learning and using plant based wellness traditions of India passed down through the generations. And Tyler has been an advocate of a vegetarian diet after seeing and learning about the benefits of plant based wellness.

Curating Passion & Efficacy

We are passionate about what we do and search for brands that embody our values; in addition to, learning about the brand and people behind it. We look for products that have ingredients with centuries of use and also products that are innovating the skincare and wellness industries. It is our goal to open up conversation about clean wellness and beauty and inspire you to live a mindful and healthful existence.

Clean Promise

Our products are cruelty-free and free of toxins such as parabens and sulfates.
No toxic ingredients allowed. Products we place in our bodies and even those on (which easily sink into our bodies) should be safe. We believe in clean, naturals products derived from plants and nature. Our products are plant-based, effective, and clean. 
     Every brand is vetted through our examination process. Each of our team members has personally used and loved these products. We offer only the best so you can shop worry-free. 



-Your Umoja Family