5 Misconceptions About CBD*

5 Misconceptions About CBD*

1. CBD is made from hemp and THC is from marijuana. CBD is derived from the Cannabis Satvia plant, which includes both hemp and marijuana. It is one of many phyto (plant-derived) cannabinoids found in Cannabis Satvia and can be extracted from either. There are many different types of cannabis and each has a varying ratio of CBD to THC. Just because a plant is low in THC does not mean that it will be high in CBD. 

2. CBD is THC without the high. THC and CBD are different compounds that interact differently with the body. 

3. CBD is nonpsychoactive. CBD will not get you "high." However, it does interact with the nervous system and can be used as a treatment for anxiety and depression among many disorders. 

4. CBD is a recent discovery and we don't know how it works. CBD based pharmaceuticals are approved in Europe and Canada. There is developed knowledge about CBD's benefits and interactions with the body. Its efficacy has been studied in clinical trials.

5. THC is bad and CBD is good. THC is more recreational but it has a host of its own healing benefits when combined with CBD and other cannabinoids. 

*summarized from CBD: Oil: Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Hemp-Derived Heath and Wellness by Gretchen Lidicker